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Saidu_Medical_College_Swat.jpg. Feroz Khan worked here as an Intern Psychologist at the Psychiatry Department.
Saidu Teaching Hospital
I help people in confusion, anxiety and worry to get clarity and make practical life decisions. I can be described as a decision coach. Using my years of experience in solution focused, CBC and alignment coaching and counselling, I am able to transform mindsets and break down self-sabotaging beliefs and patterns by changing the way individuals make small daily decisions. 
I have helped hundreds of clients transform the way they think and adopt beliefs by changing their subliminal motivations and thought narratives, and by guiding them toward clarity about their true desires and goals. Then helping them to make decisions aligned with those goals.

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I did my bachelor (hons) degree in Psychology for 4 years. I loved the subject and did a masters in Psychology at the University of East London. I am currently doing another masters in Applied Positive Psychology and coaching Psychology from the University of East London. I have taught Human Psychology to bachelor students at the University of Swat as a Psychology Lecturer. I have tutored peers, friends and colleagues in General science, Psychology, Psychotherapy and Philosophy throughout my bachelors and I have been involved in delivering CBT Counselling, Life coaching and Mentoring. I have a deeper & intrinsic enthusiasm, love & Passion for authentic, science based coaching. My goal is to help clients reach their full potential and achieve their wildest dreams. I draw on my clinical, educational and personal life experience to deliver the best possible transformational service.

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Build a strong rapport with your coach. Many goals get attained within the first four sessions. Have the courage to take action and the universe helps you in achieving an...
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Coaching helps you unlock your highest potential, remove mental barriers and limiting beliefs but most of all gives you the clarity and confidence that you need to achiev...
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Find ways to break patterns and strengthen bonds. Relationship coaching helps you to develop mutual strategies to enhance and deepen your relationships.
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Helping teams and groups to develop coping mechanisms, discover ways to mutually flourish and enhance inter-group communication.
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Deal with your stress, anxiety and depression once and for all. It takes courage and commitment to surface one's insecurities and face them head on. Counselling is cathar...
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Your patience and ability to coach without judgment are a real gift. I feel blessed to have been coached by you. You have made a difference.


Thank you. Really helpful. A very enlightening coaching session.
Ali Shah
Awesome bro. Great efforts from you to help people live happy lives 

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