My Story
Here you will find details of how i became a Transformational Coach and what i mean by Transformational Coaching
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Feroz Khan. Feroz S Khan. Feroz S. Khan. Feroz Shah Khan. Coach and Mentor.
From languishing to flourishing, depression to enthusiasm, Pessimism to hope and from social vulnerability to immune confidence, my story has been one of transformation. Once rejected and avoided I developed low self-esteem, self doubt and a negative, dark view of the world until I reached the cross roads of no return. Something needed to be done and something needed to change, because life in an eternal despair was not my idea of living.        
At first I had to work at pinning down the root cause of my personal misery, the source of pain and tragedy, the essence of my emotional triggers. 
this task was tackled over long meditations upon life experiences in the light of my psychological knowledge acquired through 4 years of study. I indulged in self reflections, introspection, meditation but most importantly, long in depth conversations with my mother, therapists and colleagues. I studied psychology books, books on personal development and listened to my ideals all day long. People like Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Jordan Peterson and Eckhart Tolle sparked my imagination. Opened my mind to new ideas and possibilities. They helped me grow the rational faculties and develop a level of rational reasoning to face and accept my own weaknesses and finally to overcome them. This journey of self discovery, personal development and transcendence was accompanied by my constant persistence over self discipline and hard work. I came to magnificent realizations about myself and the world in general. I learned the ways to evolve in the sense of self acceptance and acceptance of the uncertainty in life. 
I devoted my new knowledge for the service of others, to transform others like i did for myself, to help those who may be in a similar place and would not know how to direct their ways through these difficult storms. 
This was the time when I discovered a new way of helping people, this was different than what I was using before, this was not lecturing, mentoring, counseling or psychotherapy. This was coaching. 
The process of coaching was more straight forward, elaborate, solutions focused, results oriented and short timed. I came to know this when I enrolled in MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology Course at UEL. I learned a whole new set of skills and got a breadth of interactive experience. I learned how to coach.
I call my method Transformational Coaching because i help people transform from who they are to who they could be, by changing only one thing, decisions.
I suppose my method could also be called  Decision Coaching, solution coaching or adaptation coaching but that terminology would not encompass the essence & the breadth of my skill and motivation. 
It is also a form of life coaching, since everything you do and everything you become is mostly influenced by the decisions you make in life, having better structure in the decision making process changes your life in general, not just the attainment of the specific goal you bring to coaching.
So finally I would advise you to book your first free coaching session with me, lets have a conversation and see if what I offer is what you are looking for, if it is and it often is, then we can move on with our forthcoming sessions. 
You will never know unless you try. 
Feroz S Khan