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Updated: Jun 11, 2020


(The Contract will be sent to the client upon booking)

Coaching Agreement with Feroz Khan

Coaching Agreement

I offer my heartfelt gratitude to you for choosing me as your coach. I hope to be of great service to you in helping you achieve your toughest goals and ambitions. The purpose of the document it to explain the coaching process and everything relating to it, such as your responsibilities, my responsibilities and what can be expected from coaching. This is not a legal document.

What is Coaching ?

Simply put, Coaching is a one to one relationship between a coach and a client based on a mutual purpose of helping the client achieve his or her goals. This involves either face to face or online purpose driven talking sessions between you and myself.

You will bring the content into the sessions, meaning your goals or the problems you are having in achieving them and I will handle the direction and nature of the discussion. Do not worry if you are not clear on your goals yet, it is perfectly fine, and we can work toward deciding on a goal. Coaching is future driven, and solution focused. In this regard, coaching is different than psychotherapy, counselling, teaching, advice giving or mentoring

Who am I as a Coach?

I mostly help clients in confusion to get clarity and make practical life decisions fast through the coaching process. I have been studying psychology for 6 years and hold a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Psychology. I am currently under training in another master’s course ‘‘Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology’’ which is accredited by a professional body called EMCC. I have experience in CBT counselling, lectureship and personal tutoring. I use an eclectic approach and my coaching style can be described as empathetic, unconditional, supportive and directive. I would sometime use writing within my sessions or would occasionally ask permission to record the session to be used for supervision or a submission as an assignment, this is very rare and totally optional.

First Free Session

I offer first one-hour session for free to my clients, so we can understand each other better, build a strong rapport and have a deeper understanding of the goal and the problem. After that if you were happy to proceed further, we will proceed with our paid sessions.

The Pattern of Sessions

Our very first session would be an introductory and chemistry building session, in which we will talk about ourselves and what we want from coaching. This would determine whether we are a best fit for each other, or do I need to refer you to someone else or perhaps you might decide to make your own way.

Ethics in Coaching with Feroz Khan

Ethics of Coaching

I follow the codes of ethics published by the European mentoring and coaching council (EMCC). This means I am bound by the ethics of Competence, Context, Boundary management, Integrity and Professionalism. More information on this can be found on the website:

Time and Place of Coaching with Feroz Khan

Time and Place of Coaching

I have conducted most of my sessions online through a video call over zoom or some other medium. Although, it is perfectly ok for you to ask for a face to face session in a location of your choosing, such as coffee shops, the beach, a park or even your home. Keep in mind the fact that, the environment should be suited to coaching and have as less distractors as possible. Distractors might be a lot people, children, noise, tech, inappropriate temperature and vehicles.

Your responsibility as a client with Feroz Khan

Your Responsibility as a Client

As a client your responsibility is to be honest and forthcoming with me. To provide accurate information and be genuinely interested and willing to achieve your goals. To be punctual in timing, open in discussions and to carry out the task agreed upon during sessions if any.

My responsibility as a coach Feroz Khan

My Responsibility as a Coach

I am responsible for handling the coaching sessions and hold a safe emotional space for you with dignity, integrity, competence and professionalism. I am motivated and experienced to utilize my knowledge, training and experience in coaching for the ultimate efficiency and success of coaching. And to help you in the best manner possible so you can attain your goals as soon as possible.

Payments with Feroz Khan


Upon booking any service except the free session, you will need to pay the relevant amount in pound sterling. This will be required and asked on the website ( upon booking.

Your feedback to Feroz Khan

Your Feedback

Your feedback is very important for the coach although not compulsory. A negative feedback can help the coach modify and improve his methods and a positive one can be highly motivating and encouraging to your coach. I will usually ask you for feedback on the process at the end of the session, however you can provide feedback whenever you like.

Cancellations with Feroz khan


There can always be unpredictable and unexpected incidents in life and that is normal. This could incur the need for cancellation either on the coach or the client’s part. The concerned party should inform the other 48 hours beforehand if possible.

Rescheduling with Feroz Khan


If you wish to reschedule a session, I must be informed 48 hours beforehand so the time can be allocated to someone else. The reschedule link is available in the confirmation email received upon booking.

Legalities with Feroz Khan


You are responsible for your own views and actions. I will not be liable for any unethical or illegal actions of the client.

Termination of Coaching with Feroz Khan


You reserve the right to terminate sessions whenever you wish. However, I must be informed prior to termination of coaching. The coaching relationship is a lifelong relationship and you can come back for coaching at any time in future without any hard feelings.

Communications with Feroz Khan


I can be contacted through my website, by email, what’s app or a direct call. What’s app communication is preferred because that is where most of the clients contact me.

Email: Phone & WhatsApp: +447774201734

Note: After signing the document please send it back to me for confirmation and record keeping. By ticking the box below, you have signed the document.

☒ I have read the terms and conditions of the contract and I agree to them.

Client’s Name: ............................

Coach’s Name: Feroz Shah Khan

Coach Feroz Khan's Signature
Coach’s Signature

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