We want SEXISM to exist that is why it is there.

Well, i have a dark sense of humour and I believe nothing is off the table when it comes to making fun of nonsensical stuff and Idiotic generalizations. I do it as a way of expressing humour. Maybe sexism is there because you take it seriously when someone says women do this or that. Take it as joke and move on, don't be so delicate about it and perhaps the sexism will disappear. Make a joke of it, laugh at it. Or make a joke about men. It should be very obvious that men and women are very very different on many levels. No one is better than the other, everyone has their own specialties. I am absolutely in favour of equal rights and equal treatment and respect, no doubt. But I am not in favour of dominance, absolute similarity and absurd sensitivity to all subjects. I think we need to grow up, laugh at it. Do our best and move on. Rather than looking for a hint of SEXISM in a well intended comment. The intention of people also need to be considered when they make remarks. I strongly believe that RACISM, SEXISM, FUNDAMENTALISM and EXTREMISM are all the children of ignorance and arrogance. And they now exist because we love to talk about it and poke it and search for it and keep looking for it so we can find it, to find a reason for grouping up and feel a sense of VICTIMIZED community. Ladies, some men get addicted to looking at your bodies, looking at your pictures and videos. We can never get enough of it, and that's why in every single advertisement that has nothing to do with women, you find a seductive innuendo by women. Because if we don't need to buy it we still will, because the ad is so attractive, the product must be magnificent. This is the level of power you have over us. I don't think you need to be sensitive about anything. It is true that men have lost the ancient values of Chivalry, Courage, Protection and Unconditional Love, it is true. We perhaps, have developed new dellusional ideas of how relationships are supposed to be and what is expected of us. Maybe the burden appears too hard to bear now, maybe men needs to be admired as well even without the obvious physical intrigue. But have you ever asked yourself, have I ever contributed to the view men have of us. Maybe we are scared of your criticism, scared of your demands and your standards and fearful of dissapointing you nomatter how hard we try. Maybe if how we are were to be accepted, there would be no sexism. Maybe if you didn't value fake promises so much and didn't value fun over loyalty, and didn't value wealth over honesty and didn't fear to see your partner in the most vulnerable and truest form, we would do the same for you. Maybe Sexism is a defense mechanism genders use to shield themselves from losing their Musculinity or femininity. Maybe Sexism is born out of fear not hatred. Maybe if love was openly accepted when love was openly offered, there would be no Sexism. I am not a Sexist, Racist, fundamentalist, extremist, Rapist or paedophile. And I don't think nobody is. They are made so, they are made so by the way they are treated repeatedly, conditioned by repeated reinforcement to certain end, from where they find their only defense. MOVE ON WITH PRIDE AND LEARN TO LAUGH AT JOKES WHICH CONTAIN THE WORD WOMAN IN IT. Move On. Let's agree today that men and women, lads and ladies, girls and boys are all deserving of equal rights and opportunities, love, desire and passion. Let's agree that no gender has any preference or dominance over the others. Let's agree that we are not the same by any strech but we deserve the same in everything. Wouldn't that be beautiful, wouldn't relationships be easy. Let's learn to laugh at every joke that was previously considered as sexist and perhaps sexist would cease to exist. RACISM IS NOT THE ONLY PROBLEM. AND SEXISM IS NOT ONLY UNFAIR TO WOMEN. Lets learn to love now. We have exhausted hate. And many are now bitter. #letswinthis

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