Coaching is an unregulated field. It is best to know that your coach is authentic before going into coaching sessions. Therefore, to distinguish myself from others, I have put my certificates below.
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EMCC_logo. European mentoring and coaching counsel. Accreditation Agency, giving accreditation to Feroz Khan.
bps-logo.jpg. British Psychological Society giving accreditation to Feroz Khan in the MSc Psychology degree at UEL.
The British Psychological Society
Accreditation in Process
University_of_Swat_logo. Here Feroz Khan got his Bachelors (HONS) Degree in Psychology for four years.
University of Swat
UNPDLOGO_0.jpg. United nations development programme. Feroz Khan worked here as a counslor for youth rehabilitation in the BEST-PAK Project.
Best-Pak Programme
Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan.png. Feroz Khan's Bachelor degree is accredited by HEC.
Higher Education Commission
Saidu_Medical_College_Swat.jpg. Feroz Khan worked here as an Intern Psychologist at the Psychiatry Department.
Saidu Teaching Hospital
World MEntal Health Day
World MEntal Health Day

I presented at the ''World Mental Health Day'' conference. This was a small seminar of about 300 people. This included the Vice-Chancellor from the University of Swat, Dr. Jehanzeb Khan.

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Msc Psychology
Msc Psychology

Studied at the University of East London. Modules studied were the following: Cultural and historical issues in psychology Biological Psychology Organizational Psychology Research Methodology Dissertation

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Current Student at UEL
Current Student at UEL

I am currently doing a second Masters degree at the University of East London. The degree is MSC Applied Positive and Coaching Psychology The course is accredited by European Mentoring and Coaching Counsel (EMCC). I will finish this course by Dec 2020. Although i have completed the Coaching Module.

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